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Tiara massage treatments are designed to help you relax, feel healthy and stay beautiful. Our massage therapists use a variety of proven and time honoring techniques.


Full-body Swedish massage with light pressure to calm and relax.

60 min $90

90 min $120

Deep Tissue

Full-body massage using more pressure to enhance healing of sore muscles.

60 min $110

90 min $145

Hot Stone

Full-body Swedish massage with use of lava stones to warm up the muscles for deeper relaxation.

60 min $95

90 min $125


Swedish massage with your choice of essential oil.

60 min $95


Therapeutic method of relieving pain by stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet.

50 min $80

Body Treatments

Hydrating Scrub

This seaweed scrub designed to provide gentle exfoliation with natural jojoba beads and fruit enzymes. The scrub benefits the skin in three phases: remineralizes the skin, help exfoliate the skin and nourishes the skin with jojoba oil.

45 min $55

Sugar Glow

Exfoliating treatment designed to leave skin smooth and silky.

30 min $45

*Due to industry trends, availability and pricing on all items aresubject to change or discontinuation at any time without prior notice.

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